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While everyone may want long, thick eyelashes, some people simply aren’t capable of growing eyelashes at all. People who aren’t able to grow eyelashes often suffer from a condition known as hypotrichosis. This condition refers to an “inability” or “inadequacy” when it comes to being able to grow eyelashes. Even if they don’t suffer from hypotrichosis, it can still be difficult for some individuals to grow lush, long eyelashes.

Luckily, Latisse can help.

What Is Latisse?

Latisse is actually a form of a drug named bimatoprost, which is produced by Allergan and sold under the brand name Lumigan. After this drug was first approved by the FDA to treat glaucoma in 2001, doctors and their patients noticed that hair growth was a side effect of using Lumigan. As a result, patients using the drug often had lusher eyelashes that were longer than usual.

Recognizing the potential market for an eyelash grower, Allergan created Latisse based on the hair growth results produced by its original glaucoma drug. The FDA approved Latisse in December 2008.

Does Latisse Work?

If you’re wondering if Latisse really works, the short answer to your question is yes. The more complete answer is that Latisse does work, but no one can tell you conclusively why it’s successful as an eyelash grower.

While this is speculative, it’s widely believed that Latisse prolongs the anagen phase of a person’s eyelash growth cycle. The longer hair growth cycle allows for a greater number of eyelashes to sprout and enables eyelashes to grow longer and darker.

Clinical trials conducted by Allergan show that patients who used Latisse experienced the following results:

How Is Latisse Used?

Using Latisse is easy. You simply dab some on your upper lash line every evening using the applicators that come with the prescription medicine. You should avoid applying Latisse in your eye or directly on your lower lash line. Latisse will spread to your lower lash line when you blink after you dab it on your upper lash line.

Before you apply Latisse, you must thoroughly clean your face, making sure all of your makeup is removed. You must also remove your contact lenses if you wear them. You must be precise when you apply Latisse because it can facilitate hair growth wherever it comes into contact with your skin.

You can begin to see results from using Latisse in as little as two weeks, or up to two months. After four weeks or several months, your doctor may reduce your use of Latisse to every other night. If you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes will slowly return to their previous state over time.

Can Everyone Use Latisse?

While clinical studies performed by the FDA show that Latisse is safe for the majority of people, some individuals should avoid using the drug. In general, people who have eye problems like uveitis or conjunctivitis shouldn’t use Latisse. If you’re at risk for macular edema, you’re prone to severe allergies or infections in your eyelids, or you currently use a drug to reduce intraocular pressure, you’re probably not a candidate to use Latisse. People who are pregnant or nursing should also avoid using Latisse.

If you want to see if you’re a candidate to use Latisse to grow longer, thicker lashes, make an appointment with Passer Restorative Therapies today.

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