Latisse: Longer, Thicker Eye Lashes

Latisse is a prescription treatment used to grow longer, thicker lashes. It is recommended for patients who have inadequate eyelashes, a condition known as hypotrichosis. The medication works by both extending the growth phase and increasing the actual number of eyelashes that grow, for a dramatic improvement in the overall appearance of the lashes.

What makes it work?

The active ingredient in Latisse is Bimatoprost, which is similar to prostaglandin, a substance produced naturally by the body. Bimatoprost is also used to treat glaucoma, so it is a relatively safe medication to use on the eyelid. The medication is applied directly to the upper lid once a day, either in the morning or evening. Sterile, one-time-use applicators are enclosed with the medication for easy application.

How long before I see results?

Preliminary results of Latisse are generally seen within two months, with full results seen in three to four months. The medication must be continued to maintain results. If it is stopped, eyelashes will gradually return to their original state.

Latisse Results After 12 Weeks

Latisse is only available through a prescription from your doctor. If you are concerned about the appearance of your eyelashes, contact Passer Restorative Therapies to find out how Latisse can help you achieve longer, thicker lashes.

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