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An energetic approach to both mind and body

We all deal with fatigue and exhaustion from time to time, but for some of us, fatigue can hinder our ability to fully participate in everyday life. Fatigue is caused by an imbalance within five key areas of our overall health: hormones, nutrients, toxins, mind and body. To rediscover the energy we’ve lost, we first need to restore balance in our bodies and lives.

At Passer Restorative Therapies, we embrace a holistic approach to health for our clients, utilizing a combination of innovative therapies and overall lifestyle changes to help them feel younger, healthier and energized. We suggest addressing the key areas of health in the following ways.

Balance the Mind: Real and perceived sources of stress are major contributors to fatigue, as they evoke a nervous system response that can deplete important nutrients and hormones, and leave us feeling drained. Try balancing your mind by practicing self-care, embracing breathing exercises and reducing external stimuli – including avoiding unnecessary commitments and turning off your phone when possible.


Balance the Body: Low tissue oxygen and chronic pain can be major contributors to fatigue. When your body is in pain, it uses cortisol and nutrients more rapidly, depleting your energy. You can increase your body’s oxygen intake by focusing on low-impact physical activity like walking for 20 minutes, by embracing restorative yoga techniques.

A hormone imbalance can also be a major source of bodily fatigue. If you’re concerned that a hormone imbalance might be affecting your energy, you can work with the Passer team to start a hormone therapy regimen designed restores balance to your body’s natural hormones and leaves you feeling youthful and energetic.

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