UnCraveRx Weight Loss Program

UnCraveRx Certified Program ProviderUnCraveRx™ is a 3-month weight loss program that includes a sustained release naltrexone pellet therapy and virtual platform that helps you create healthy habits & lifestyles through nutritional coaching and lifestyle behavioral support groups.


The sustained-release naltrexone pellet therapy is known to curb cravings. The pellets are administered sub dermally and will release over several weeks.

Sustained-Release Anti-Craving Medication:

Under medical supervision, and if medically appropriate, an anti-craving medication is provided that can help to reduce food cravings. The benefit of using the medication is that it provides standardized dosing, no need to remember to take the medication daily since the medication automatically releases over time.

Nutritional Coaching:

UnCraveRX Laptop ScreenHealthy eating is about finding a balance. Not everyone is built the same way. Our goal is to better assist you by creating healthy habits. Through our virtual platform our nutritional coaches will lead you through a nutrition plan as well as address challenges and goals in order to create a healthy lifestyle.

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Lifestyle Behavioral Support:

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Eating healthy and being physically active are lifelong behaviors and not one-time events. Unhealthy behaviors develop over the course of time, therefore replacing them with healthy ones requires time and support. There are great benefits from group support as well as sharing experiences and advice that can be healing to the mind, body and spirit. People in support group settings can strengthen and empower themselves. Lifestyle behavioral support will help people realize that they are not alone.

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What Our Patients Are Saying
  • I had accepted that I was a middle age woman at 45. I had accepted that I was tired and gained 18 pounds overnight. I had accepted that I was on an anti-depressant for the rest of my life and that it was as good as it gets. My doctor never even checked anything else. Then I went to Dr. Passer’s office. I needed thyroid replacement. Of course my hormones were that of a 45 year old! I needed testosterone. I needed estrogen and progesterone. I needed dhea and a multi-vitamin hormone activator. I did not need an anti-depressant. It took almost two months. I lost 24 pounds. My energy came back!

  • Everyone out there who has struggled with their weight, needs to hear how wonderful and easy Dr. Emma’s diet is to follow and to please make the commitment to want to change their lives and I will be forever thankful to her, because she has already changed mine!!

  • encourage anyone out there to make this journey with me and to go and see the wonderful weight loss professional’s at Dr. Passer’s ~ you won’t regret it!!

  • Dr. Emma’s diet is like not being on a diet if you know what I mean…lol!! She had made it so easy to follow and the best part is, you get to eat real food that I get to prepare myself, it is not that pre-packed food that once you take a look at, you would rather starve than eat it. Another perk of her diet is, I don’t have to run to the gym and bust my butt to get the weight off. I simply go walking at night and each night I go a little further and I am proud to say that only after 25 days, I am down 21 pounds!!!!! I also want to let everyone out there know that you do not starve on this diet. I have read a lot of negative comments on the internet stating you only get 500 calories so you are starving yourself. This diet is catered around you and your body and I personally get 1000 calories/day and trust me, that is a lot of food!

    Donna S.
  • I have gone from a size 18 to a size10, have lost 41 pounds, and reduced my body mass index from 33 to 26. Just as impressively, my fat went from 86 to 57. This is less than I have weighed in 35 years. I feel healthier than I have since my 20s.

    Deb G.
  • Throughout this process, I had the benefit of Penny’s expert advice and consultation. Her guidance and support has made a significant difference in my success. My husband also has become a patient of Dr. Passer and Penny. He was placed on a diet plan that is right for him, and has successfully lost weight.

    Deb G.
  • At close to 200lbs, I had do something for my health and self esteem. I met Penny, who was encouraging and knowledgeable about weight loss and eating healthy. We talked about my struggles with weight and food addiction. I am now 7 month into the program and couldn’t be happier. I have lost almost 50 pounds and can’t wait to lose more…Hard work, determination, and great support has turned me in the right direction.