Aesthetic Therapies

Body Contouring and Reshaping

Our body contouring procedures target specific areas where a patient would like to reduce a few inches for a more attractive body shape overall. While some methods of body contouring involve surgical procedures, Passer Restorative Therapies offers an innovative, non-invasive contouring treatment known as Sheerwave.

What is Sheerwave body contouring?

Sheerwave is a non-invasive contouring device that gently reshapes the body by eliminating fat cells that create unwanted bulges and extra inches. Through a combination of ultrasound cavitation and radiofrequency energy, fat tissue decomposes and is eliminated through the body’s normal processes. The procedure may be used anywhere a patient wants to get rid of unwanted bulges, including the legs, arms, buttocks and abdominal area.

How does it work?

A device is run over the surface of the skin, delivering gentle radiofrequency heat to the deeper layers of the skin. The process liquefies the fat cells underneath the skin’s surface, which allows the body to break them down further and eliminate them. At the same time, collagen production is stimulated in the area to tighten and firm skin for a smoother, leaner look.

The procedure takes less than one hour to complete, and patients are able to return to normal activities immediately afterward. Patients require multiple sessions with the Sheerwave body contouring system to achieve optimal results.

For more information about Sheerwave click here, or contact us today.

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