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With a team of experienced professionals on staff and dozens of proven services and programs, Passer Restorative Therapies helps facilitate great success stories every single day. Some of those stories are so compelling and inspiring that they need to be shared. After years of weight gain, different failed diets and frustration, Deb G. knew she needed a supervised weight loss program and personalized support from medical professionals. She began working with our weight loss expert, Penny Bartels, and her results are astounding. Here is Deb’s amazing story in her own words.

I’ve had a weight problem the majority of my adult life. For me, that’s just over 40 years. At times, I was successful in slimming down a bit, only to have the weight creep back on. At one point, at 5 feet 5 inches tall, I outweighed my 6-foot-2-inch dad. As a result, my health has suffered. I have arthritis, and I found myself in a downward spiral of aching joints, lack of exercise and more weight gain that caused more pain. I had double-knee-replacement surgery due to arthritis in my knees. I was also tired. By midday, I would be worn out.

I tried diets, had some success, and always ultimately regained the lost weight and more. I was a chubby mother-of-the bride for two of my daughters’ weddings. I always thought I could lose weight, but the weight became even harder to lose after I turned 63.

When I went to my family doctor for my annual check up, he diagnosed me as obese and prescribed medication for arthritis. I was a women’s size 18 with a post menopausal “jelly roll” around my middle, and a very unhealthy body mass index. What was worse, my women’s size 18 clothing was getting tight. I did not want to buy bigger sized clothing. Being post-menopausal made successful long-term weight loss more difficult. At that point, I realized that I needed the right diet under the right supervision.

There were plenty of billboard ads offering weight loss solutions, but I not only wanted a diet that would be successful, I wanted a program that would be properly supervised and safe. I was looking for a diet that was backed by science and medical expertise.

I found the weight loss program at with Penny Bartels at Dr. Passer’s office and scheduled an appointment. That first visit was the beginning of a life transformation for me. After careful and competent evaluation and screening, I began the most effective and successful diet program I have ever experienced in my life. I remember telling Penny that I didn’t want to be like this anymore – that I just wanted to be at a healthy weight.

After a thorough exam and consultation, I began Dr. Emma’s HCG Program, with an FDA approved prescription appetite suppressant medication. Penny provided me with a very well written, easy-to-understand booklet that detailed the program.

Once I knew what foods to eat and how many daily calories I could have, I saw results the first month. I got 800 calories a day, and I was never hungry. My clothing became loose around my middle, thighs and chest. My weight was down, and my body mass index was lower. By the second month, I bought smaller-sized clothing, had lost fat, and absolutely felt better. I could walk father and had more stamina and energy.

Today, I don’t wear women’s sizes anymore. I am a size 10, have lost 41 pounds, and reduced my body mass index from 33 to 26. Just as impressively, my fat went from 86 to 57. This is less than I have weighed in the last 35 years. I haven’t been this size since grad school. My ankles no longer hurt, and I feel healthier than I have in years.

The science behind the weight loss programs is effective and impressive. The information I received is understandable and clear. I know what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. I buy the right groceries, weigh and measure food intake, count calories, and supplement with the right exercise to maintain my muscle fitness. Penny’s guidance has been invaluable. I found that information I previously followed about walking so many steps per day was actually misinformation – no wonder it wasn’t working! Now that I have Penny’s guidance, I know what to do, and it works. The shots I receive provide a gentle boost to my metabolism. The appetite suppression medication I take keeps me from being hungry and having food cravings. This weight loss program is well thought out, complete, and well supervised.

Throughout this process, I had the benefit of Penny’s expert advice and consultation. Her guidance and support has made a significant difference in my success. In fact, my gravy-loving husband also has started this diet. He is impressed and convinced by the scientific basis of the weight loss programs, Penny’s expertise, and Dr. Passer’s oversight. After all, Dr. Passer graduated first in his medical school class. Penny has 40 years experience – nine of them with Dr. Passer. My husband and I both know we can count on them for the right advice and guidance. My husband had some medical conditions and was placed on a diet plan that was right for him.

When my youngest daughter was married, after I had been on this program for just under two months, I not only was a size smaller, but I was able to dance at her wedding. I have more energy than I can remember having in years. My husband has experienced much-needed weight loss and does not crave the unhealthy foods he once loved. We danced throughout the evening at my daughter’s wedding, where we outlasted not only my three daughters and their husbands, but also their friends, all of whom are 40 years younger than we are. We were the last couple on the dance floor. Recently, we took a long-awaited trip to New York City, where we walked through airports, subways, and through the city itself without pain. We also danced in the New Year. That would not have been possible at the beginning of last year.

Today, our clothes are smaller. We feel so much better. Our health is being transformed. We know we have Dr. Passer’s office and Penny Bartels to thank. We are looking forward to enjoying our improved health and maintaining our results in the future.

Deb G.
Omaha, NE

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